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FAQ Listing

Only one thing: after inserting the black activation chip, the ‘Accu-Chek Active meter will no longer provide an automatic warning message telling that the test strips has expired.
No. The use of the black activation chip will have no impact on the accuracy of the blood glucose results. 
This is a software function which was programmed. It is not possible to change this software function – that’s why the meter still says code 333 when it is turned on.
Yes, any customers using the previous generation will need to keep the black activation chip in their meter. Once the black activation chip is in the meter, the customers do not need to remove it. 
The black activation chip will be in the vial along with instructions informing customers of the change. The test strip vials containing a black activation chip will have a new material number. The new meters will also have a new material number. 
The black activation chip permanently replaces the standard (green) code chip found in boxes of the Accu-Chek Active test strips. This black activation chip calibrates the already existing meters for all Accu-Chek Active test strips that will be manufactured now and in the future. With this black activation chip it is possible to upgrade existing meters to ‘no coding’ meters.
The code chip that comes with the test strips is changing from green to black. The customers receiving this so-called “activation” chip must insert it into their existing meters. There is never the need to change the black activation chip again even if new test strip vials contain different colored code chips or different code numbers.