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Frequently Asked Questions

Test strip

As with today’s products, the user will receive an E-4 error code.

No. There is no ability to squeeze extra blood from the finger to dose a strip a second time. However, there is a slight pause in testing that allows for the patient to take full use of the available blood from their finger.

The easy-edge of the Accu‑Chek Instant S test strip has the largest dosing window of any major blood glucose test strip. It can be dosed anywhere along the edge and automatically absorbs the blood from the patient’s finger. Regardless of where dosed along the edge, the system provides a fast, accurate result.

The Accu‑Chek Instant S test strip requires only a small speck of blood (0.6 μL).

Yes, a clear protective barrier runs along the entire length of the test strip to protect the strip and chemistry. Blood applied to the opening along the end of the strip can be quickly pulled into the test strip.

No, there is no compatibility between the Accu‑Chek Instant S test strips with these and other Accu‑Chek systems

No, Accu‑Chek Instant S meters do not require manual coding.

The new Accu‑Chek Instant S test strip utilizes the FAD-GDH chemistry. This system is the most accurate in the history of our organization. It meets the 10/10 standards for accuracy


The FAD-GDH enzyme is a key component of the system’s new test strip chemistry, which works in conjunction with other system components to deliver advanced accuracy, highly reliable performance and reduced interferences

Yes, the Accu‑Chek Instant S meters comply with the requirements of ISO 15197:2013/EN ISO 15197:2015 (In vitro diagnostic test systems – Requirements for blood glucose monitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus). 

The Accu‑Chek Instant S meters is our latest development in accuracy from a pioneer in blood glucose testing technologies. This is one of the most accurate meters in our portfolio.

No, the Accu‑Chek Instant S meters are designed to ensure that the battery power level will not impact results given by the meter.


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Accu-Chek Instant S

Item Description

Get instant clarity of your blood glucose level with  Accu-Chek Instant S meter, it's as easy and fast as checking your phone messages. There is no setup required – just insert a test strip, apply a small blood sample and read your blood glucose result on the large display.

Product Manuals


Less than 4 seconds


77.1 x 48.6 x 15.3 mm (LWH)


Accu-Chek Softclix


Accu-Chek Instant

Benefits and Features
  • The Intuitive target range indicator gives you visual reassurance. It can be individualized to suit your personal therapy goals*
  • Only what you need - Your test result and your averages (7/30/90 days) are visible on the meter
  • No set up required – Just insert a strip, apply a small blood sample, and read your blood glucose result on the large display
  • Easy-edge test strip - Apply a small drop of blood anywhere along the wide, yellow edge
  • Proven accuracy guaranteed by the makers of the Accu-Chek brand, fulfilling the requirements of the ISO 15197:2013^
  • Test strips come in a 10, 25, 50 vial, so you can choose whatever fits your budget or therapy
  • All data can be uploaded to the Accu-Chek Connect Online portal (USB)
  • Enjoy virtually pain-free testing with the Accu-Chek Softclix lancing device

* Blood glucose values (Lows≤69mg/dL, Normal 70-160 mg/dL, High≥161/dL) are pre-set on the Target Range Indicator and must be interpreted in conjunction with the appropriate medical condition at the time of taking reading, and in accordance with advice of your physician.
^ Criterion A of clause 6.3 for the lot tested (Freckmann et al., JDST, 6(5), 2012)

Additional specifications
Meter storage conditions:

Temperature: -25° C to +70° C (39° F to 113° F)

Memory capacity:

The meter automatically stores at least 720 blood glucose results in memory, but only the last blood glucose result and your 7, 30, and 90 day averages can be viewed on the meter. To view stored blood glucose results, transfer them to Accu-Chek Connect Online diabetes management . 

Automatic off:

90 seconds after performing a test, 15 seconds after test strip is removed, or 5 seconds from the last test result screen.


Approx. 40 g (with batteries)



Meter type:

The Accu-Chek Instant S meter is suitable for continuous operation.


USB: micro-B connector

Serial number:

Unique serial number etched into meter back

Sample claims:

Capillary: Yes
Venous: Yes
Arterial: Yes
Neonate: Yes

Measuring principle:

FAD glucose dehydrogenase (GDH)

Hematocrit range:

10 to 65 %

Humidity range:

10 to 90 %

Altitude independence:

0 to 3,094 m (10,150 ft)

Measuring time:

Less than 4 seconds

Measuring conditions:

4° C to 45° C(39° F to 113° F)