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FAQ Listing

The Accu‑Chek Guide system offers new features designed to improve the testing experience: Bluetooth connectivity   Differentiating spill-resistant oval strip vial New full-width-end dose test strip Test strip port light and test strip ejector button Four customizable test reminders and Post Meal test reminders Pattern detection Up to two target ranges Target percentage display
Press either the OK button or insert a test strip.
It's a small sample—just 0.6 microliter.
No. There is no WiFi or NFC connectivity with the meter. However, the Accu‑Chek Guide meter connects to the mySugr diabetes management app on the patients with diabetes smartphone via Bluetooth. The Patients with diabetes may then choose to transfer data or reports via multiple connectivity options via the app including email, text message, and automatic upload into the Accu‑Chek Connect Online system.
The meter and mobile device must be within 3 meters for the automatic data transfer to occur. If the distance between the devices exceeds 3 meters during blood glucose test(s), any new meter data will synchronize with the app when the devices are within range.
Put your index finger behind the strips while using your thumb to remove se your index finger to pull the first one forward, remove the strip with your finger, and thumb on each side of the strip Wiggle all 10 strips back and forth to make them looser
There are many considerations taken into account when determining the opening force for a test strip vial: Humidity entering the vial—this would affect shelf life Vials opening during manufacturing Vials opening during shipping More humidity entering the vial More vials open during shipping (which could result in scrapped or returned product)
Yes. The Accu‑Chek Guide test strips have a protective coating along the entire length of the test strip. The end of the strip, where blood is applied, has a protective layer that allows quick absorption of blood while protecting the reagent inside. Touching the test area with clean hands will not affect it. However, if you have moisture or dirt on your hands, you could contaminate the dosing area.
A combination of palladium and gold is used for the electrodes. Both of these metals are widely utilized in the electronics and medical industries for surgical instruments and metal contacts.
No. As seen with most products designed for at-home use, the Accu‑Chek Guide blood glucose monitoring system does not have a claim for diagnosis.
The Accu‑Chek Guide strip is 28 mm x 5 mm.
No, the meter will no longer provide an automatic warning message telling customers that their vial of test strips will soon expire or lock them out once they have expired.