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FAQ Listing

You determine what types of information your healthcare team can access over the portal. We recommend letting your providers see everything you can see, so they can draw insights from all available information. Being able to review your blood glucose test results along with insulin, carb and other information can help provide context around patterns in your blood sugar.
Once your healthcare provider creates a free professional account, you can look up their office account name and send an invitation to connect online.
Whenever you're signed into the Accu-Chek Connect online portal, you can click the question mark icon in the upper right side for detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions.
Accu-Chek Guide and Accu-Chek Aviva Connect meters are available at Walgreens and other retailers, or through your healthcare professional. You can download the free Accu-Chek Connect app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. And you can create an online account through the app or by going directly to the Accu-Chek Connect online portal. You'll also need to work with a member of your healthcare team to set up the insulin calculator within the app, to ensure that all the personal insulin settings are correct.
Only the Accu-Chek Guide and Accu-Chek Aviva Connect meter currently offer the wireless capability needed to transmit data directly to the Accu-Chek Connect app. However, you can enter data into the app manually or transfer data from other Accu-Chek meters into the Accu-Chek Connect online portal. That way, your data can be reviewed in helpful charts and graphs and shared with your healthcare team.
Visit Accu-Chek Assist: Start My Meter for step-by-step instructions on getting the app, pairing your device to the app, texting results and using the online portal. You can also view how-to videos in the Support section.
Absolutely. The  Accu-Chek  Connect system uses data encryption to keep all your information secure. What's more, you decide what information to share with others, such as your healthcare team.
 The meters can transfer results using BLE to the Accu‑Chek Connect app on a compatible smart phone (which can be synchronized with the Accu‑Chek Connect Online system). Additionally, using the micro-USB, the meter is compatible to the following DM solutions: the Accu‑Chek Connect Online system, the Accu‑Chek® Smart Pix device (version 2.2), the Accu‑Chek Smart Pix software (version 2.2), and the Accu‑Chek® 360° diabetes management system (version 2.3.x).
No. There is no WiFi or NFC connectivity with the meter. However, the Accu‑Chek Guide meter connects to the Accu‑Chek Connect app on the PwD’s smartphone via BLE. The PwD may then choose to transfer data or reports via multiple connectivity options via the app including email, text message, and automatic upload into the Accu‑Chek Connect Online system.
Results can transfer from an Accu‑Chek Guide meter into the app on both smartphones and tablets (up to 5 devices per meter). The app will synchronize data with the web portal without duplicating results. The mobile devices will not synchronize with each other but with the registered Accu‑Chek Connect Online account. It is recommended to use only one mobile device if using the Accu‑Chek Bolus Advisor.
 The meter and mobile device must be within 3 meters for the automatic data transfer to occur. If the distance between the devices exceeds 3 meters during BG test(s), any new meter data will synchronize with the app when the devices are within range.
Both devices are Continua certified, with the Accu‑Chek Guide meter certifying against the Continua 2014 Design Guidelines. Both the Accu‑Chek Guide and the Accu‑Chek Connect meters use Passkey pairing and both send BG/CG results under the same formats as described in the standards. The same is true for time synchronization.