7 Mistakes to avoid when managing your diabetes

Whether you’ve just set off on a diabetes-management plan, or you’ve been doing self-care for several years, here are some common mistakes to avoid while taking measures to control your diabetes.

  1. Not keeping a note of your reading

    When you have diabetes, both you and your doctor need to work together. Your doctor needs to know a trend of blood sugars so that he can decide the best way forward

  2. Reading too much

    Remember to get your diabetes information from valid and trustworthy sites. Not everything you read off the internet be true.

  3. Trying to change too much

    Pick one thing and move toward your goal in small, doable increments.

  4. Skipping foods you love:

    You don't necessarily have to skip your favourite foods completely, you may be able to have them in controlled portion sizes.

  5. Feeling like you've failed

    Accept it, learn from it and don't let it ruin your day. After all, anything you do to take care of yourself is a win.

  6. Guessing your blood sugar number

    Your body can be a guide, but it doesn't always tell you when your blood glucose is out of range. A blood glucose meter, like Accu-Chek is an accurate & reliable way to know your blood glucose level and take appropriate action.

  7. Forgetting yourself

    Diabetes management is a long process. Your doctor, your family and others may have helped, but ultimately, it was you. Take credit!

Diabetes control is a long process, and every step you take is a step towards your goal. Take it one day at a time, and remember- Monitoring your blood glucose and discussing your readings with your doctor can help in keeping your diabetes in control.

Source: accessed on Oct 2019.