Keep blood glucose in control, even on a holiday

The thing about holidays is that they seem fun because they're a break from our daily routines! They help to break the monotony of daily life that sets in. But don't make the mistake of thinking that the same is true for your health! As a person with diabetes, your blood glucose levels will reflect any changes in your health pattern, and this can lead to disappointments during your holiday. Here are some ways you can stay on your daily routine and make the best of your holiday.

  1. Go to bed and wake up on time

    Following your sleeping schedule helps your body prepare to keep up with the next day's demands, so be sure to stick to it.

  2. Have a great party!

    Meeting up with friends, playing good music and having fun with some games are great ways to loosen up without causing an imbalance in your blood glucose levels.

  3. Make smart food choices

    Don't hide from the food table- embrace it with controlled portion sizes. Bites that go unaccounted for can cause trouble for your later, so be wise with what you eat.

  4. There's always time for exercise!

    No, don't cancel plans to make it to the gym. But be sure to find time around those activities and reach your daily fitness goal.

  5. Most importantly, monitor your blood glucose regularly

    Check frequently and on a daily basis. This is a great way to know just how well you are doing, and what steps you would need to take in case your blood sugar is thrown off balance.

Source: on Oct 2019