Looking forward to travelling to a new destination this holiday season? As a person with diabetes, your travel plans might need a slight tweak! Here are some travel essentials to keep in mind when you travel during your vacation.

  1. Pay your doctor a visit

    Visiting your doctor before you take off on your holiday is a critical part of your holiday preparations. Do a health review with your doctor and also remember to ask for prescriptions and a doctor's letter, as you may not get your medication over the counter!

  2. Packing tips

    As a person with diabetes, there are some absolute must-haves that you need to take along. Your glucometer with the lancing device and testing strips, all medications and medical supplies, and insulin are just some of these.

  3. Eat right as you travel

    You're more likely to not find a diabetes-friendly meal while travelling, depending on your mode of travel. The best way to work around this is to pack some snacks or a meal beforehand, so that when the hunger pangs strike, you don't need to suppress the need to eat!

  4. After you get there

    Once you reach your destination, it is important to frequently check your blood glucose levels, as they will fluctuate owing to travel and change in daily routine. You don't want the holiday mood getting ruined by high/low blood glucose levels!

Having diabetes does not mean that you need to put a lid on the amount of fun you can have while travelling. Remember to take all precautionary measures and set yourself up for a great holiday!