Ingredients : 1 serving (75gm)

Milk 200ml
Water Chestnut (Shinghada) flour 30gm
Ghee 1 tbsp
Cardamom powder 10gm
Sugar Free tablets /jaggery 5gm

Nutritive Value per serving:

Energy 290 Kcal
Protien 10.42gm
Carbohydrate 21.2gm
Total Fat 13.9gm
Calcium 2.57gm


  • Heat ghee on a low flame and roast shinghada flour till its light brown. Keep aside to cool.
  • Add milk to mixture and mix well. Keep it on flame, constantly stirring for 3 mins, till it forms consistency of halwa, leaving the sides of pan.
  • Lastly, add cardemom powder and sugar free tablet/jaggery. Remove from flame. One can also add raisins and almonds. Pour into a flat plate and spread it out evenly.
  • After it cools, cut into diamond shaped halwa, refrigerate and serve cool.


It is vital to stick to proper meal plans and exercise routine, and monitor sugar levels consistently. While this recipe is suitable for people with diabetes, it is advisable to monitor your blood sugar levels before you eat and after 2 hours of consuming your meal. One should use glucometers to test the readings and store data in order to observe patterns in fluctuations if any. Consulting with a physician/doctor is advised whenever required

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