Preparing for a doctor's visit

Visiting your doctor will keep you up-to-date with blood glucose management plan. Your doctor would let you know if your situation has improved or not. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while speaking to your doctor:

  1. Prepare a checklist of things you need
  2. In order to give your doctor a holistic view of your progress so that he or she can diagnose you properly, ensure that you bring:

    • All of your data (blood glucose test results over the last 15-30 days)
    • Your blood glucose meter
    • Any journals of your blood glucose levels and diet plans that you may have made
    • Files and test results that include previous diagnoses, lab reports from other doctors that may be important to your condition, and even HbA1C levels if required.
  3. Be realistic
    • If you want your doctor to make a correct and complete review of your diabetes management plan, make sure you are honest about everything that you do, even if you think it may not be related, or if you feel embarrassed about sharing them.
    • If you feel you may not be able to follow through with anything in your new schedule or plan, inform your doctor and he or she will help you find a solution, or a simpler alternative.
  4. Satisfy your curiosity
  5. Last but not least, ask all the questions that you have bundled up. Diabetes management is a long and comprehensive process- you need to learn all you can along the way. Write your question down so that you don't forget and ensure that you leave doctor's clinic well-informed. Here are some questions you can ask your doctor:

    • Being a person with diabetes, am I at a risk of other medical complications?
    • When and how often should I test my blood sugar?
    • What should by blood glucose range be, and what if my blood sugar level is too high or too low?
    • What special care do I take if I'm unwell or sick?
    • How does exercise affect blood sugar levels?
    • How should I prepare for my holidays or when travelling?
    • What is the optimal weight that I need to be at?
    • What precautions should I take during festivals?

Now that you have everything you need to know before visiting your doctor, you can go for your next appointment fully prepared.