Understanding my blood glucose results.

Monitoring your blood glucose regularly is a great way to keep a track of your food, exercise and lifestyle habits, as it indicates and how they affect your blood sugar. These regular checks can help you take steps to diabetes self-care and are an essential step to managing diabetes.

Provide valuable information to your doctor – this allows your doctor to fine tune your therapy so

  • Keep your blood sugar within a healthy range
  • Adjust your meals, medication or activities
  • Reduce your risk of other health problems associated with diabetes

What do my blood glucose results indicate?

It's not unusual for your blood glucose results to be out of range now and then. But if these results are out of range more often than not, you may want to ask yourself:

Did I eat at an unusual time, have a larger or smaller portion, or try a new food?

Did I have more or less physical activity than usual?

Did I forget to take my medication, take it at the wrong time, take too little or too much?

Am I taking a new medication?

Am I stressed?

Am I falling ill?

Any of these can have an impact on your blood glucose numbers. If you are making changes to your lifestyle, or if you can't figure out why you've been out of range, talk to your doctor and take necessary steps to bring them back to normal.